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Monthly Archives: December 2014



A) Warm-up: (3 min). B) Skill: Push-Press technique (2 min). WOD (20 min): Rx Push-Press 10-5-10-5-10-5-10-5 Try to increase and decrease the load of each set in a wave like [...]

2014-12-21T19:06:07+10:00December 22nd, 2014|WODs|0 Comments


A) Warm-up: Sit-ups, Bear Crawls and Rolling Low Back and Hamstring Stretch (3 min). B) Skill: Ring rows, Front squat, Pull-ups and ball slam technique. WOD: Rx Complete as many [...]

2014-12-02T06:11:01+10:00December 20th, 2014|WODs|0 Comments


A) Warm-up: Squat-to-stand, deep wide-out drops, Inchworms (3 min). B) Skill: Deadlift technique (2 min). WOD (20 min): Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 min: Rx Bar Deadlift [...]

2014-12-19T06:39:06+10:00December 19th, 2014|WODs|0 Comments


A) Warm-up: (3 min). B) Skill: Front and Zercher Squat technique (2 min). WOD (14 min): Rx Clean Grip Front Squat 10-5-10-5-10-5-10-5 Try to increase the load each set until [...]

2014-12-17T19:09:46+10:00December 18th, 2014|WODs|0 Comments
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