Monday, Week Three, Lactic-Acid Strength (25 min):

A) Lower Body Soft Tissue Warm-Up (4 Min):

Hold for up to 60 seconds with maximal pain tolerance of:

Lacrosse Ball OR Foam Roll 1 – Right, IT Band

Lacrosse Ball OR Foam Roll 2 – Left, IT Band

Lacrosse Ball OR Foam Roll 3 – Right, Piriformis

Lacrosse Ball OR Foam Roll 4 – Left, Piriformis

B) Total Body Dynamic Functional Warm-Up (4 Min):

Complete as many reps as possible for each exercise in 30 seconds of:

Stretch 1- Piriformis, Right Leg

Stretch 2- Piriformis, Left Leg

Stretch 3 –Squat-to-Stands

Stretch 4 – Inchworm Drill

Stretch 5 –Band Shoulder Dislocates

Stretch 6–Band Diagonal Shoulder Dislocates

Stretch 7 –Band Pull Apart

Stretch 8-Diagonal Band Pull Apart

C) Weighted Pull-Up and Single-Leg Squat EMOM (4 min):

Every minute on the minute for 4 minutes complete 3-5 reps of each exercise. Start with light load and slowly increase the weight each minute until you have reached your desired load.

D) Technique (1 min): Weighted Pull-Ups, Single Leg Squats and Off Bench Obliques

E) Strength (12 min):


Complete 1 round, every 3 minutes for 12 minutes (4 Sets) of:


Station 1- 10-10-10-10, Weighted Pull-Ups

Station 2- 20-20-20-20, Single Leg Squats, Alternating

Station 3 – Max Off Bench Obliques OR Side Plank Hip Lifts, One Side Each Round (Optional)

L1: Jumping Pull-Ups, Skater Squats

L2: Band Assisted Pull-Ups, Ring Assisted Single Leg Squats

MOD: Ring  Pull-Ups, Box Assisted Single Leg Squats

Start with light load and slowly increase each set.

Note 10 RM #1: ___, Reps Completed #2: ___, Reps Completed #3: ___

Monday, Week Three, Lactic-Acid Metcon Part- B (25 min):

B) The Power Clean Warm-Up (6 Min):

With an empty barbell perform as many reps as possible of each exercise in 30 seconds for two rounds of:

Exercise 1 –Bar Wrist Stretch

Exercise 2 –Down and Up

Exercise 3- Clean Grip Power Pulls

Exercise 4 –Muscle Clean

Exercise 5- Clean Land

Exercise 6- Power Clean

C) Technique (1 Min): Power Clean and Lateral Burpees Over-Bar

C) WOD (20 Min):


Complete one 4 minute round resting 1 minute after each round, every 5 minutes for 20 minutes (4 sets) for max rounds and repetitions of:


Run 500 Meters OR Row 600 Meters OR Assault Bike 1,500 Meters

Then, in the time remaining, complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible of:

5 Power Cleans (#155/105)

10 Lateral Burpees Over-Bar

Rest 1 Minute

L1: (#105/75)

L2: (#45/35)

MOD:  (#35/25)

Note Rounds and Reps Completed: ___+___