Saturday, Week Two (Accumulation Phase) Superslow Eccentrics (25 min):

A) E2MOM (4 min):

Every 2 minutes, on the minute for 4 minutes (2 sets) complete 3-6 repetitions of the first movement using a tempo of 9-0-X-0.  Tempo is 9 second eccentric, 0 seconds isometric, explosive concentric and 0 isometric. Start with light load and slowly increase the weight each two minutes until you have reached your desired working weight. Technical failure should be achieved on the last rep.

B) Technique (1 min): Back Squat, Seated Banded Leg Curls and RKC Plank Hold

C) Strength (20 min):

Complete one round every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 sets) of:


5 x 3-6 Reps [Tempo: 9-0-X-0]

Station 1 – Back Squat (60%)

Station 2 – Max Seated Banded Leg Curls

Station 3 – Max RKC Plank Hold (Optional)

Note TUT Completed #1: ___ and Load Used: ___

IMPORTANT (Read): Using a moderate to important load, you execute a superslow yielding (eccentric phase) while lifting (overcoming concentrically) the implement explosively.

Saturday, Week Two (Accumulation Phase) Benchmark WOD “KAREN” and “ANNIE” (25 min):

A) Double-Under Warm-Up (3 Min):

Perform 60 Seconds for one round of:

Warm-Up 1- Single-Unders

Warm-Up 2- Alternating Single and Double-Unders

Warm-Up 3- Double-Unders

B) Technique (1 min): Wall Ball Shots, Double-Unders and ABMat Sit-Ups

C) WOD (10.5 min):


For time complete:


150 Wall Ball Shots, 10-ft/9-ft (#20/14)

Note Time Completed: ___:___


D) WOD (10.5 min)


For time complete:




ABMat Sit-Ups

Note Time Completed: ___:___