Tuesday, Week Two, Max Effort Upper Body – Part A (25 min):

A) Upper Body Soft Tissue Warm-Up (3 Min):

Hold for up to 45 seconds with maximal pain tolerance for two rounds of:

Stretch 1 – Band Wrist Stretch, Right Arm

Stretch 2 – Band Wrist Stretch, Left Arm

Stretch 3 – Band Triceps Stretch, Right Arm

Stretch 4 – Band Triceps Stretch, Left Arm

B) Floor Press EMOM (5 min):

Every minute, on the minute for 5 minutes complete 3-5 repetitions. Start with light load and slowly increase the weight each minute until you have reached your desired load

C) Technique (1 Min): Floor Press and V-Ups

D) Strength (16 Min):


In teams of 2-3 athletes of similar strength, complete 1 round, every 2 minutes for 16 minutes (8 Sets) ramping up to your one repetition maximum of:


Station 1- Floor Press

Station 2- Max V-Ups (Optional)

Start with light load and slowly increase the weight each set until the final set where you try to set a new 1RM PR.

Note 1 RM: ___

Tuesday, Week Two, Lactic-Acid Metcon – Part B (25 min):

A) Double-Under Warm-Up (3 Min):

Perform 60 Seconds of:

Warm-Up 1- Single-Unders

Warm-Up 2- Alternating Single and Double-Unders

Warm-Up 3- Double-Unders

B) Technique (1 Min): Push-Ups, Rower, Pull-Ups, Double-Unders and Ring Dips

C) WOD (21 Min):


Complete each exercise for maximum rounds / repetitions per exercise of:


Tabata Push-Ups OR Ring Push-Ups

Tabata Rower (Calories)

Tabata Pull-Ups OR Jumping Pull-Ups OR Ring Rows

Tabata Double-Unders OR Single-Unders OR Box Step-Ups Tabata Ring Dips OR Box Dips

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.

Note Total Reps for all 40 intervals: #1 ___ + #2 ___ + #3 ___ + #4 ___ + #5 ___ = ___