Friday, Week Two, Oxidative Strength (25 min):

A) Upper Body Dynamic Functional Warm-Up (4 Min):

Complete as many reps as possible for each exercise in 30 seconds of:

Stretch 1-Bilateral External Circular Rotations

Stretch 2 –Bilateral Internal Circular Rotations

Stretch 3-Corkscrew Shoulder Twists

Stretch 4 –Squat Position Thoracic Mobility Reach

Stretch 5 –Band Shoulder Dislocates

Stretch 6–Band Diagonal Shoulder Dislocates

Stretch 7 –Band Pull Apart

Stretch 8-Diagonal Band Pull Apart

B) Technique (1 Min): Pull-Ups, GHD Sit-Up

C) Strength (20 min):


Complete 1 round of 20 repetitions, every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 sets) of:


20-20-20-20-20, (62.5%-65% 1RM)

Station 1- Pull-Ups

Station 2- GHD Sit-Ups OR ABMat Sit-Ups

Station 3- Run 200 OR Row 240 OR Assault Bike 600 Meters

Station 4- Max Double-Unders OR Practice Double-Unders (Optional)

If applicable, try to increase the load each set until you find your 20 rep max.

L1: Jumping Pull-Ups

L2: Band Assisted Pull-Up

MOD: Inverted Ring Rows and Box ABMat Sit-Ups

Note Reps Completed for Station #1: ___

Friday, Week Two, Oxidative Metcon (25 min):

A) Double-Under Warm-Up (3 Min):

Perform 60 Seconds for one round of:

Warm-Up 1- Single-Unders

Warm-Up 2- Alternating Single and Double-Unders

Warm-Up 3- Double-Unders

B) Technique (1 min): Rower and Double-Unders and Running

C) WOD (21 Min):


For time complete:


Run 1,000 Meters

Row 2,000 Meters

Assault Bike 3,000 Meters


In the time remaining, complete as many repetitions as possible of:

Double-Unders OR Single-Unders OR Box Step-Ups, Alternating

Note Time Completed: __:__and Repetitions Completed: ___