Tuesday, Week Three Accumulation Phase, Eccentric Isometric Contrast (25 min):

A) Lower Body Dynamic Functional Warm-Up (3 Min):

Complete as many reps as possible of each exercise in 30 seconds of:

Stretch 1-Air Squats

Stretch 2 –Deep Wideout Drops

Stretch 3 – Forward Lunges with a Twist

Stretch 4 – Lateral Lunge

Stretch5–Toy Solders

Stretch 6- Stationary Spiderman

B) Technique (1 min): Isometric GHD Leg Curl OR Ring Leg Curl Hold and Hollow Body Rocks

C) Strength (21 min):

In teams of 2-3, with athletes of similar strength and endurance, complete one round every 3 minutes for 21 Minutes (7 Sets) hold peak contraction 30-45 seconds


Station 1 – Submaximal Eccentric Weighted GHD Leg Curl OR Ring Leg Curl

Station 2 – Max Hollow Body Rocks (Optional)

*IMPORTANT (Read): Lower OR Raise to the point of the strongest position in the range of motion. Hold it there for as long as you can (maximum duration isometric effort).

When you can no longer hold the position statically, lower OR raise as slowly as you can until you reach the full end range of motion. If necessary, have a partner assist you in returning to the beginning of the range of motion after the set is completed. Start with light load and slowly increase the weight each two minutes until you have reached your desired working weight. Technical failure should be achieved on the last rep.

Note Load Completed #1: ___

Tuesday, Week Three (Accumulation Phase) Heavy Carry (25 min):

A) Lower Body Band Warm-Up (3 Min):

Complete as many reps as possible of each exercise in 60 seconds for one round of:

Stretch 1- X-Band Walks (Side-To-Side)

Stretch 2 – 1-Leg Band Resisted Bridge, Left Leg

Stretch 3 – 1-Leg Band Resisted Bridge, Right Leg

B) Technique (1 min): Sled Drives, Dumbbell OR Kettlebell Lunges, and GHD OR ABMat Sit-Ups

C) Strength (21 min):


Complete as many rounds, repetitions and calories in 21 minutes for load of:


50-Meter Sled Drive (#Maximum Load)

10 Dumbbell OR Kettlebell Lunges (#Maximum Load), Alternating

10 Weighted GHD OR ABMat Sit-Ups (#Maximum Load)

10/8 Assault Bike (Calories)

Note Rounds and Reps Completed: ___+___ and Loads Used: #1___, #2 ___ and #3: ___