Monday, Week Two (Accumulation Phase) Broad Descending Pyramid Method (25 min):

A) E2MOM (6 min):

Every 2 minutes, on the minute for 6 minutes (3 sets) complete 8-12 repetitions. Start with light load and slowly increase the weight each two minutes until you have reached your desired working weight.

B) Technique (1 min): Barbell Floor Press, Inverted Ring Rowsand Weighted V-Ups

C) Strength (18 min):

In teams of 2, with athletes of similar strength and endurance, complete one round every 3 minutes for 16 Minutes (6 Sets) of:


1 x 12 (60%)

1 x 10 (65%)

1 x 8 (70%)

1 x 6 to (75%)

1 x 4 to (80%)

1 x 2 to (85%)

Station 1 –Push Press

Station 2 –Max Weighted Inverted Ring Rows

Station 3 – Max Weighted V-Ups (Optional)

*Use same bar for both lifts and adjust weight accordingly.

Note Load Completed #1: ___ and #2: ___


Monday, Week Two (Accumulation Phase) Hero WOD “DEL” (25 min):

A) Upper Body Dynamic Functional Warm-Up (3 Min):

Complete as many reps as possible for each exercise in 30 seconds of:

Stretch 1-Bilateral External Circular Rotations

Stretch 2 –Bilateral Internal Circular Rotations

Stretch 3-Corkscrew Shoulder Twists

Stretch 4 –Squat Position Thoracic Mobility Reach

Stretch 5 –Band Shoulder Dislocates

Stretch 6–Band Diagonal Shoulder Dislocates

B) Technique (1 Min): Burpees, Medicine Ball Run, Weighted Pull-Ups, Handstand Push-Ups and Chest-To-Bar Pull-UpsC) WOD (21Min):


For time complete:


25 Burpees

400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (#20/14)

25 Weighted Pull-Ups (#20/14) OR Jumping Pull-Ups OR Ring Rows

400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (#20/14)

25 Handstand Push-Ups

400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (#20/14)

25 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups OR Jumping Pull-Ups OR Ring Rows

400 Meter Medicine Ball Run (#20/14)

25 Burpees

L1: (#14/10), Box Assisted Handstand Push-Ups

L2: (#10/8)

MOD: (#8/6), Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Note Time Completed: ___:___ OR Total Reps Completed: ___

U.S. Army First Lieutenant Dimitri Del Castillo, 24, of Tampa, Florida, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, based in Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, died on June 25, 2011, in Kunar province, Afghanistan, from wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire. He is survived by his wife Katie, his parents Mr. and Mrs. Carlos E. Del Castillo, his brother Carlos Andres and sister Anna.